September 20, 2014
An Early Morning Postcard (at Washington Park Historic District)

An Early Morning Postcard (at Washington Park Historic District)

September 20, 2014
The Getaway

I don’t wanna hold you back

Or leave you conflicted

I wanna get you out of here

Pack up that baggage

Let’s set off on a new horizon

Looking back would be the wrong move

We’re moving forward

Bonnie and Clyde

Would have nothing on us

We’re not committing a crime

We’re finding a life of our own

No one will ever truly understand

But rest assured

You can always rest up with me

Everyone else has been suffocating you

I just wanna let you breathe…

September 20, 2014
"Ask me your questions…"

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September 19, 2014
Friday in Yuppieville

I woke today
With the hopes my physical would tell me
I’m still breathing properly

I called the office to check my time at 8:25 this morning
They told me to hurry up
I was already five minutes late

I put on my running shoes
And bolt across town
A ride from my friend five mintues later
Gets me there just in time
Lucky when I didn’t expect it
I’ll take it with open arms

The nurse takes my blood pressure
Her’s must be elevated
Because once I tell her I’m a writer
I become her new obsession

She gives me a gown to put before the physical
I take off my shirt expecting her to just walk out like she did her job
She stuck around
Just like the engagement ring on her left index finger
Some days I didn’t wish I was so good seeing through people

My doctor comes in
I tell her that my father recommended her
She looks at me like there’s no way I could be his son
Tall, mahogany, and handsome with perfect health
The exact opposite of my father

She looks at me when I mention his health
And starts laughing
She mentions confidentiality
But she knew I see through his lies
And I know he’s dying

At least she thought I was nice

Later this evening
We passed through downtown looking for a place to eat
My mom’s begging me to learn how to cook for the sake of myself
I look at the crackheads on the street corner
And wonder if all the hipsters coming in
Expect them to disappear

We walk into this restaurant
that serves tapas
We’re the only niggas in the spot
The only indelible mark of our town
In a sea of hipsters
Holy Christ…..

The owner looks like the love child
Of Stephen Hawking and Dracula
“I’ve come to take your rent money and blood”
He looks at the hipster couple next to us
Then looks at my family
He thought about not judging us
But as usual
He took the easy way out and walked away

My mom looks at my beer and asks for a taste
Part of me feels bad for getting her on this Hard Cider wave
But she can deal with my dad when she’s buzzed
So I ordered a 22 oz bottle of hard cider
And we faced it like champs

Part of me wishes it wasn’t like this
That this reality would just fucking end
And people didn’t have to put on fronts to get by

But like I mentioned earlier
I guess I’m just ahead of my time

And I still want to take you with me

September 19, 2014
This…. Creature was just found guilty of killing three people Forty minutes East of where I live. 

Upstate NY and the Berkshires are just that wierd….  (at News Channel 13)

This…. Creature was just found guilty of killing three people Forty minutes East of where I live.

Upstate NY and the Berkshires are just that wierd…. (at News Channel 13)

September 19, 2014


a writer gets naked for a living

September 19, 2014

Sango- When I’m Around U

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September 19, 2014
Heart Out

3/4 sleeves are the way to go

Put it out there, but not completely

Don’t let them steal your pulse

Don’t let them rip your pride

September 19, 2014
VIDEO: Emarosa – I’ll Just Wait


Hot on the heels on their recently released new album ‘Verses’, post-hardcore heavyweights Emarosa have unveiled the video for their track ‘I’ll Just Wait’. You can watch the video below: ‘Verses’ is available now via Rise Records.

People don’t like the progression of Emarosa.

Personally, I love it

September 19, 2014

We’re so good
At exploiting each other

We should exploit
This lie we’re living instead

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